Boss Lady Gets Creative With “Photos By Rome”

Published on December 13th, 2012 By BossLady

When an extremely talented photographer offers to work with you, you take up the opportunity immediately.

Jerome Shaw a.k.a. Photos By Rome (who’s worked with Fabolous, Ne-Yo and more) is an emerging creative talent who just opened his first studio in Long Island City, New York. The Harlemite suggested we do the first shoot to christen the space and even though I’m petrified of posing (one fear I’ve resigned to conquer in 2013), I jumped at the chance. We had no set theme in mind; we just rocked it out as we went along. I think we work well together!

Special shouts to my amazing team Indique (hair), Rodney Jon (make-up) and Patricia (wardrobe).


  1. Julie Kapsalides says:

    OMG you look AMAZING!

  2. Thato Mokou says:

    You look so crazy beautiful….. Lookin good

  3. You look amazing Boss Lady!

  4. Liz Talbot says:

    All of them are amazing, but I like the last 2 the best! Send em in to vogue! :) xxx

    1. Aww thank you cuzzo <3

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